How do I get bugs out my car?

by admin on April 13, 2011

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by Ibán

Question by robin blue: How do I get bugs out my car?
It’s a lot of teeny tiny little bugs crawling around all in my car! It’s so annoying because they‘re on my seats. They‘re the size of gnats, some fly and some don’t. They‘ve been there since last summer, when the winter came around, they disappeared, and the minute it got warm again they were back. I’ve tried vacuuming them out several times but they keep coming back. What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last summer, I accidentally left a bag of Cheetos in my back seat for 3 days while I was on vacation. Also, around the same time, my mom spilled a gallon of water in my trunk which left a terrible mildew smell. Could one of those be the reason I have bugs?

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Answer by jean ann j
The bugs came into the car to get the fritos or the car was parked over them. A lemon scent can chase them away or some baby powder with talc in it.

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Dawn April 13, 2011 at 2:00 pm

If it were me I would put a bug smoke bomb in the car & 1 in the trunk one night before going to bed. Then air it out for a few hours & clean the inside with a citrus scent cleaner or have it cleaned @ a car wash.


helpful April 13, 2011 at 2:52 pm

You probably have a leak in your car and have sitting water underneath the carpet or in the trunk. You might check for service bulletins [sometimes called secret warranties] for your car and you may be entitled to a free fix. See if you can find a leak first, sometimes it entails replacing a seal or cleaning away debris. If you have had standing water under your carpet you may want to replace the padding under the carpet. If you need to replace the carpet you can find molded replacement carpet for around $ 125. I really doubt your Cheetos or that one spill as much to do with it.


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